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Youngevity Product Training With Steve Wallach 

With nearly two decades of sales and network marketing experience, CEO Steve Wallach has successfully guided Youngevity from a domestic seller to a worldwide marketer of products and services that support a healthy and empowered lifestyle. Steve shares the passion of his father, Dr. Joel D. Wallach, for the public’s access to complete and accurate health information. He is a frequent talk radio program guest and speaks eloquently about the company’s mission to place information into the hands of consumers, allowing them to make informed healthcare decisions. His business philosophy reflects his strong belief that passion should be the driving force behind any organization. In addition to passion, Steve believes that flexibility and efficiency are key elements along the road to success. Having assembled a dynamic, talented and experienced management team, as well as solid infrastructure, Steve has positioned the company for steady growth both organically and through mergers and acquisitions.

Steve Wallach - Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Steve Wallach - Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

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