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If you were to ask any individual whether they believe they’re getting the proper nutrition on a daily basis, many would say they are. An eight-year-old might tell you he ate all his cereal and drank all his milk for breakfast. An adult might say she had a healthy turkey sandwich and potato salad. On the surface, it seems that they’ve taken care of their daily nutritional requirements. Though, looking at the big picture, you’d see there are many essential nutrients lacking from a typical Standard American Diet. You could try to justify eating a hamburger and fries by saying they contain protein, veggies, and grains. While that may be one view, we should also consider how those foods are processed and prepared before they hit our plates. Not the prettiest picture, right? Your body deserves the best nutrition it can get! 

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"The Super Greens are fantastic. This was my very first time trying any kind of green product. Many people I know jumped on the Green Smoothie cleanse and I just never did. Our greens are amazing and the light and fluffy mixture dissolves extremely well in cold water.

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