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Organic Walnuts

Snack On Nutritionally Healthy Nuts 

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Each Healthy Body Pak™ provides the 90 essential nutrients your body needs for complete health, including: minerals, essential fatty acids, vitamins and amino acids. You may also want to consider one of the specialty Paks to address a specific health concern.

Did you know that only 8-12% of the typical nutritional supplements available today are actually absorbed by your body? That means that approximately 90% of typical supplements are flushed down the drain.

Youngevity’s supplements are 90-98% absorbable! Why is there such a difference? The secret is our exclusive source of plant-derived minerals that dramatically increase bioavailability (absorbability). 

We combine superior raw materials with state-of-the-art processing and production, so it’s no wonder that Youngevity products get you results. 

"Every man, woman and child needs 90 essential nutrients"

~ Dr. Joel Wallach BS,DVM,ND 

Nuts are a versatile treat and a good source of magnesium, fiber and protein. They are also low in saturated fat but high in Omega-3 fats.  

Walnuts are a dry nut enclosed between two semispherical hard shells joined together and the fruit has a characteristic butterfly shape that resembles brains. Walnuts are one of the best plant sources of protein. They are rich in fiber B vitamins magnesium and antioxidants such as Vitamin E


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Walnuts Are Brain Food

Bring In The 90 Essentials 

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