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A beautiful business

We all love to feel confident, beautiful and healthy. Wouldn't it be wonderful to create a business revolving around these passions? The Health and Beauty CEO Mega Pak gives you everything you need to get off to a fast start! Along with Youngevity's proven business building system, this “business in a box” contains more than $500 worth of Youngevity’s most popular health and beauty products that you'll be proud to use and distribute.

Youngevity’s Mineral Makeup

Youngevity Mineral Makeup Product Overview

Wait until you feel the difference! You’ll be amazed at the light airiness of the makeup, and you’ll also be astonished with the wonderful coverage. With Youngevity Mineral Makeup, your complexion will be natural perfection.

Healthy, beautiful you

Since its development in 2007, Youngevity’s Mineral Makeup has provided health-conscious consumers with a natural, healthy, mineral-based makeup line. Years of in-depth research ensure that our consumers are getting only the finest and purest ingredients in all of our Youngevity products.

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Youngevity’s Mineral Makeup

What's in it... What's not

Youngevity Mineral Makeup contains 100% pure minerals. There are no harsh chemicals, dyes or preservatives. We do not use animal testing. There are no irritants. It is non-comedogenic (does not contribute to the formation of black heads), fragrance-free, talc-free and bismuth-free. Natural, and nothing extra!

Mineral Makeup That Makes You Healthy And Beautiful 

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Youngevity is commonly known as “The Mineral Company” because natural plant-derived minerals are the foundation of our superior health and wellness product lines. For years our health-conscious customers have been demanding a mineral-based makeup line! In response, we’ve developed the finest makeup you’ll ever use — Youngevity Mineral Makeup.