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The Youngevity Ketogenic 30-Day Burst is a 30 day plan for those who are not afraid of diving in “fat” first to achieve immediate results. The 30-Day Burst incorporates the Youngevity Slender FX Keto, True2Life Detox and Be The Change Coffee products to help you to manage your daily intake of calories, fats, and other nutrients to achieve optimal success.

Every “body” is different and therefore each of us will achieve our own results based on our health history, genetics, ability to stay consistent with the plan, and how quickly our systems begin the metabolic switch over from using carbohydrates to fats.


This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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(6) Key Tips

The plan as written is recommended, but we understand lifestyles and routines vary from person-to-person and that life, work and family responsibilities can create the need to alter it a bit. Doing what works best for YOU in order to stay consistent and on track is KEY. Because of that, you may adjust the plan to fit your lifestyle. At the end of the day, if your total protein, carb and fat intake is spot on, you will have done GREAT!
Substituting a “Keto Meal Idea” or “Keto Beverage” in place of the “Keto YBTC Coffee” for your Breakfast is allowed; as many people do not drink coffee. (See the Recipes Tab for a few alternative ideas). NOTE: It is still recommended to have a “Keto Shake” for dinner as often as possible to infuse deep nutrition, caloric satiety and clean fat-burning during your resting hours. You will be even more amazed with your results waking up the next day after having a Keto Shake for dinner!
The MOST important nutrient to focus on keeping in tight control is the amount of Net Carbohydrates you consume daily, which will come primarily from vegetables. Stay within the 15-30 gram range and optimally, 20 grams or less as a goal for each day. Do not over eat protein – stay around 60 grams.
Fiber-rich vegetables are filling and fat-burning! Red bell peppers, asparagus, broccoli, celery, cauliflower, cabbage and lettuces are IDEAL!
If you want to make a “Keto Snack” in place of the “Keto Bar” – half for your mid-morning/mid-afternoon snack – that is fine and fairly east to do. Simply create the snack to closely match the correct protein, carb and fat content as the Keto Bar. PLUS, doubling up a “Keto Snack” can also serve as a “Keto Meal.” For example, a “Keto Snack” of a roast beef and cheese lettuce wrap could become a “Taco-less Beef Salad” for a “Keto Meal” by doubling up the ingredients and creating a big salad – adding salsa and sour cream adds extra healthy fat and a kick of heat! TIP: When you add “heat elements” such as garlic, ginger, curry, cayenne, chili garlic paste, jalapenos, peppers, etc. it boosts fat-burning even more!
 Keep it SIMPLE. The LESS variety, the EASIER it will be. Most people have success enjoying 2-3 varieties of meals/snacks for the 30 Days. We have provided you with the tools, the steps and some easy and delicious recipes for you to enjoy and utilize on your exciting Keto Journey!

KETO Diet Everything You Need To Know!