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Dr. Joel Wallach Talks Cancer 

Dr. Wallach’s relentless 45-year pursuit of scientific truth and his persistent willingness to challenge the status quo has enriched the lives and improved the health and well-being of millions of animals, then millions of people. First as a scientist and a vet, then as a physician. His research has been published 75 times in peer-reviewed medical and scientific journals internationally. He has written or co-written thirteen books, one of which is in the Smithsonian Institute (Diseases of Exotic Animals). He has removed more than 900 diseases from the animal world and gone back to school at 40 to become a naturopathic physician so he could prove that the same research that works for animals also works for humans. And prove it he did.

Dr. Wallach says he loves folks with arthritis because it’s so easy to fix. But Dr. Wallach's Youngevity also regularly takes people off Type 2 Diabetes medication, blood pressure medication, reflux and digestive meds, and all sorts of other once-considered chronic or genetic illnesses. And the foundation for it all are these 70+ minerals in nature’s balance from Youngevity’s own humic shale mine in Utah. You will soon be loving the stories from the horse world as well. As Doc Wallach says, “Give the body what it is genetically designed to have and it can do amazing things.” Whether you’re a human or a horse.
And yet, for the most part, the medical and pharmaceutical world has ignored him. He could not convince them to practice nutritional prevention. Mostly because the medical world is built on the back of synthetic prescription pharmaceuticals. If it’s found in nature it cannot be patented. And if it’s not patented you cannot charge a lot of money for it. Dr. Wallach even had to file a lawsuit against the FDA because they would not give credit to the numerous clinical research studies proving that the mineral selenium prevents certain kinds of cancer. He won that suit and two appeals and the FDA finally was forced to relent and approve the statements. The first ever given to a supplement.

But Dr. Wallach said, “Enough!” We will build an army of passionate crusaders and pay them a ridiculous amount of money to share the 90 For Life message with the most advanced nutritional products available anywhere at any price.”

He didn’t say “sell”, he said “share.” Share Dr. Wallach’s story, research, and experiences. And your own. But let Dr. Wallach’s story do the selling. Because the program and the products work. 

 Dr. Joel Wallach explains Medical Myths about Cancer.

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